Wojciech Smarzowski

Born in 1963 in Korczyn, he graduated from cinematography at the PWSFTviT im Leon Schiller in Łódź in 1990. Before his directing debut, he worked as a documentary operator, incl. “Psy totalitaryzmu”, he also made music videos for Myslovitz and Blitzkrieg. In 1998 he made “Małżowina”, awarded at the KFDF “Młodzi i film”. In 2001 he staged the show “Kuracja”, for which he received the Grand Prix of KFTPRiTv “Two Theaters” in Sopot. The breakthrough came in 2004 and the film “Wesele”. The painting won the Golden Lions and Eagles. In 2007 he directed „Dom zły” awarded, among others, by Eagles and Golden Ducks, and in 2011 – “Róża”. “Drogówka” won him the Eagle for the best script. Moreover, the author of such strong films as “Pod Mocnym Aniołem” (2014), “Wołyń” (2016) or “Kler” (2018).