Ayelet Menahemi

Was born in Tel Aviv in 1963. She graduated with honours from the Beit Zvi School of Stage and Cinematic Arts in 1985. Since then she has been working in the Israeli film industry as a director and editor. In 1986 she directed the award-winning drama "Orvi" which was followed by two feature films: "Abba Ganuv III " (1991) and "Sipurei Tel-Aviv " (1992). Her work has also includes numerous television commercials, short fiction films, documentaries, and music videos.
Noodle (2007)
Zmani (2001)
Doing Time, Doing Vipassana (1997)
Get (1992)
Sipurei Tel-Aviv (1992)
Abba Ganuv III (1991)
Orvi (1988)